The behavior after application is closed without closing camera and libruary

A customer asked us a question about exception handling.

If the application is restarted without closing the opend camera and the opend library, is there any guarantee or problem that the library will continue to function properly afterwards?

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Hi Kenzo,

in general you should try to at least run nxLibFinalize to clean everything up.

When the user starts a new NxLib instance in a new process, everything should be initialized from scratch and work again regardless of whether it was finalized properly before or not.

The only thing that we cannot reset cleanly is the camera hardware. When the connection to a camera suddenly breaks, the camera will notice a few seconds later and free itself up, so that it can be used in the new process. There is a short time though where it is still reserved for use by the old connection (the camera will e.g. show up as “in use” in NxView). During this time attempting to open the camera in the new instance will fail.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your answer!

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