Texturing pointclouds: calibration procedure of a monocular camera not supported by the EnsensoSDK

General Information

  • Product: N/X series
  • Serial Number: n/a
  • Ensenso SDK Version: n/a
  • Operating System: Linux / Windows

Problem / Question

For texturing pointclouds, the calibration wizard can be used to calibrate a monocular camera to the 3D data of the Ensenso. But the wizard only supports IDS color cameras.
If a customer needs to use a non supported camera and cannot use the wizard, they need to do program this calibration themselves.
Do you have any literature to recommend on this topic that explains the process?


Hi Bart,

in principle we try to support GigE Vision based cameras in general, as monocular devices. Only the stereo cameras just support IDS cameras, but monocular devices are not specifically vendor locked or anything. It may well be that there are some manufacturer specific implementation details that can break the functionality with EnsensoSDK, but then this would be more like an issue that we should fix.

What’s the device you want to calibrate with?

Best regards, Rainer