Stereo Camera Focus

General Information

  • Product: X30-1CP-8/16/2200-400/2200
  • Serial Number: 231600
  • Ensenso SDK Version: 3.6.1621
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Data Attachments:

Problem / Question

Once I start the set up process the software tells me to open the aperture and the focus to the maximum and then lock both with a screwhead, however on my 2D camera’s or projector there is no screw to unlock so I can’t turn the knob in any direction. On one of the rings of the 2D camera there are however 3 threaded holes so maybe the screw is simply missing on my model?

Dear Klaas,
Yes, you’re right, there are missing some screws. I recommend to fix each focus ring with one of the remaining three screws. Depending on the environmental conditions this will help to fix your optical setup. The more you’re camera is faced to vibrations, the more proper fixing of the optics is mandatory.

Looking at the provided images, it seems you’re camera uses those lenses. I recommend to ask Fujifilm, whether they offer replacement screws for that lenstype.

Those lenses are having a fix aperture. It can only be changed by inserting another iris part. (See video on linked page)
If you want to calibrate the camera using the same setup as you’ve ordered ( X30-1CP-8/16/2200-400/2200) the aperture is already completely open. The “16” in the identifier strings means f-value is 1.6. So you can skip the “open aperture” part in the calibraion wizard and start with setting the focus.


A small note regarding the lock screws: the HFXA-1F type lenses indeed have threads to insert screws (as shown in the picture), but as the whole outer case of the lens serves as lock nut against the C-Mount thread these lock screws will barely do anything. The big C-Mount lock nut will tighten the lens much better than the small M2 lock screw on the sides. This is why they are also not mounted on factory cameras. So the screw isn’t actually missing, it’s just not used.

We know that we need to improve the documentation shown in the focus and vergence adjustment wizards. That’s on our todo list for our UI rework which is in progress right now.