Render pointcloud with texture in python for the S10 camera

General Information

  • Product: e.g. S10
  • Serial Number: 232871
  • Ensenso SDK Version: 3.6.1621
  • Operating System: Windows
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Problem / Question

I’m evaluating the S10 camera for our projects. We need to add texture information to the pointcloud for the S10 camera in a python environment. I think the Renderpointmap command is the way to go but i can’t make it work.
Basically we 'd like to have the ‘Show texture in Depth Image’ functionality as available in NxView.


RenderPointMap is only required for adding texture from a different perspective. Texture from the camera itself is already from the same perspective and the camera’s rectified image (the left one in case of a stereo, the S-series only has one) can be directly overlayed with its point map.

For the S-series you have to take disparity map downsampling into account, which is enabled by default. When it is 1, pixel size and pixel positions of rectified image and point map are exactly the same. When it is > 1, each pixel of the point map stretches over a window of downsampling * downsampling pixels of the rectified image.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the swift reply.
We’ll try based on your feedback.
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