Recover factory calibration with SN

General Information

  • Product: N35-604-16-BL
  • Serial Number: 160942
  • Ensenso SDK Version: 1.3

Problem / Question

Dear Optonic team, one of our customers wants to reset is camera to the factory calibration. Can you share the calibration data with me? Thanks in advance!

Hi Boris,

the factory calibration can be downloaded automatically in the NxView calibration wizard by following the guide in the manual.

Alternatively you can also download the data for a given serial number manually from

Fast support as always, thanks a lot Daniel!

Looks like the file generated via the online tool is not compatible with the old software version of this customer. Can you provide me the file for SDK1.3 here or via mail?

Oh right, SDK versions 1.x used a different format for the pattern buffer and cannot parse the one that is available for download. I can convert it on request, here are the patterns for 160942: 160942_sdk_1.3.json (359.4 KB)

You should be able to import it in the old version of NxView via “Calibrate” → “Generate new calibration” → “Import Patterns” → “From File” and then run “Calculate calibration from patterns”. This only applies to ancient versions of NxView, newer ones should use the guide linked above.