Extend Dataset from Camera Selector

Hi All,

We’ve got a customer looking to see if they could use an X-series camera farther than the 5m range we’ve specified. I’ve informed them it will likely turn into a “passive stereo vision” system beyond the 5m range due to the projector pattern becoming hard to detect beyond this range.

They are still interested though. Would you be able to extend the data range out to farther that 5000mm?

They are looking specifically at this model Camera Selector , but being able to optionally extend it in the future for any model using a formula would be helpful!

Edit: I’m assuming FlexView would be useless beyond the projector’s range, so I suppose the more accurate model would be an X30.

There’s a nice hidden parameter maxRange that you can use to override the predefined distance limit, like this.

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for Rainer :slight_smile: