Ensenso SDK 3.6.1617

We just released Ensenso SDK 3.6.1617. This is a bugfix release.


  • PartFinder: Fix an out-of-bounds access when using CUDA. [#5017]
  • PartFinder: Improve matching of parts which cover a large portion of the camera’s field of view in at least one dimension.
  • NxLib: Fix a memory leak of ~5MB / hour on Windows. [#4995] (00203473)
  • NxLib: Reduce matching artifacts from the CUDA implementation of Patch Match. These could show as diagonal stripes in the disparity and point map. [#4842] (00202556)
  • NxLib: Fix a bug where RenderPointMap rendered the wrong resolution when rendering into a color camera with binning enabled. [#4942] (00203081)
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