Camera not listed in NxView

General Information

  • Product: e.g. N35
  • Serial Number: 150580
  • Ensenso SDK Version: 3.6.1606
  • Operating System: Windows
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Problem / Question

Hi, I just connected a camera from a colleague to my PC and it’s just not showing up in NxView. It seems to be running ok electrically, since the lights on the camera connector are both flashing. What can I do to make it show up in the software? I recently worked with a C-Series which immediately showed up.

If the C worked already this might hint at the uEye driver: because your N-series seems to be a bit older device which still relies on the uEye interface to acquire image data (see Camera Protocols — Ensenso SDK 3.6.1606 documentation). NxView has a warning for this, but you might have dismissed it at some point, so it won’t show up again now.

Can you check that the IDS uEye SDK is installed and if not install it from Ensenso SDK Download ?

btw, you can quickly check if the driver is installed and found by clicking the ‘TreeEdit’ button in the bottom left corner of NxView and then check if a reasonably new version is shown in the /Version/UEye node:

Ok, thanks, indeed the driver wasn’t installed. After installing the Ueye driver and restarting NxView the camera showed up needing a firmware update. But after running the FW update it started working!

Good that it’s solved now.

Indeed uEye based-devices need their uEye firmware to match the driver version of the host PC. So probably it has been used with another driver on your colleagues computer. If you change the host system frequently it might be helpful to install the same driver version on both computers, so you can save the time to upgrade and downgrade the firmware when the camera runs on different host systems…